Why should Men like & love silk satin / Silk nylon knickers?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Do men have favorite panties or underwear for that matter? The issue of what one chooses to wear underneath is rather private but from comments, feedback and discussions that people have over the internet, the reality is that thongs and bloomers are the most preferred. According to experts though, the best underwear is the knicker. Due to the nature of its full brief, they undoubtedly are the most comfortable, satisfying and fitting not to mention hygienic as they keep the sensitive skin dry.

In the recent past, there has been great experimentation with fabric partly for increased performance but mostly for cost-effectiveness. Nylon and Satin have been at the forefront of this research with amazingly great results. While they are both common with women garments, when nylon or satin knickers are worn by men, the health drawbacks are quite minimal. Naturally, wearing nylon on a hot day will lead to great overall discomfort. If you as a man are looking for a reason to adorn nylon or satin beneath your regular clothes, you are guaranteed of freedom because of the smooth feeling of having soft fabric next to sensitive skin. This is only a single motivator, here are the rest;

1) Lightweight and retains shape

The fibers in satins and nylon fabrics are treated to reduce their weight and when this is coupled with the fact that they do not lose shape, this is the preferred option when going on vacation. If swimwear made from either of these is worn below regular clothing, it would first of all be invisible because they will not bunch up and save on luggage space.

2) Wide range to choose from

Nylon and satin may sound boring, but most stores now stock a wide variety in term of color, finishing and even blends. The idea is to enhance the above properties which everyone agrees are pleasant and then to make the end garment appealing and superior.

Men need not shy away from well thought out knicker designs because, it is a fact that just like good clothes elude confidence, so does good quality underwear. If you are the type that values comfort more than you value trends, then the satin/nylon kickers are for you. There are already trendsetters in the undergarment scene so you will be joining a movement of other men who are conscious of what the rest of the world does not see at first glance. https://www.pantiesfashion.com/panties-nylon


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